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Heritage Sites of the World are in Danger

  Almost 100 years ago, the government of Canada created the Wood Buffalo National Park. The Park is a large, natural, protected area. There are large forests filled with northern trees. The ground is flat and rocky, and water collects in small streams, rivers and small, swampy lakes. This is the world’s largest inland freshwater delta - a wetland environment found at the mouth of two rivers. The forests and wetland create a home for many special animals. The Park gets its name from one of these animals:the Wood Buffalo, or Wood Bison. Bison are very large, brown animals. They eat grass. In the past, many bison lived in North America. But today, bison are endangered. There are very few of them left. About 5,000 bison live in the park. The Park is also the only nesting place for whooping cranes, an endangered bird. This beautiful place protects a very special environment. But it also faces big challenges. Today’s Spotlight is on protecting special places like the Wood Buffalo National P