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Top 10 SCARIEST Haunted Pubs in Britain as of today.

Welcome  and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Haunted Pubs in Britain. For this list, we’re counting down British bars and public houses, and ranking those which inspire the best (and spookiest) ghost stories. Some call this inn the third oldest pub in England and while that’s still up for some debate, it has certainly been around for along time - since 1106 when Located in Coln brook near Slough, the grisly history of this pub is said to have been the inspiration for the story of Sweeney Todd. The tale goes that in the 14th century, the inn’s landlord built a trap door under the bed of the finest room that dropped directly into a vat of fat in He used this contraption to quickly boil his wealthiest guests, who died with little sign of struggle. Around 60 people were killed in this way,and they are said to haunt the building to this day. This pub in central London opened in 1869and was located beside the old New gate Prison. Some reports say that the cells that st