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The First Moon Landing!: Apollo 11 Mission

An important event that changed scientific reality forever for Humanity. Join me as I tell you about a mission that was written in History! The Apollo 11 mission. NASA's Apollo space program was launched in February 1967 with the aim of sending humans to the Moon by the end of the current decade,as US President John F. Kennedy had projected to the world. And so it happened. On July 16, 1969, the Saturn V rocket took off from the Kennedy amputee, transporting three astronauts to the most dangerous mission that mankind attempted until then. The mission is known as Apollo 11. The first landing on the lunar surface was about to happen. At the top of the rocket was the command module named Columbia. Underneath it was the service module that had the fuel. Above it was the Eagle Lunar Module Which is the one that would land on the lunar surface. From these three vehicles, only Columbia would return to earth. During the voyage the crew of the space consisted of three astronauts: Neil Armst