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SOLSTICE New SOLAR ECLIPSE June 21st - 3 Things you Need To Know!

The June solstice, new moon, solar eclipse brings a huge energy of change, reset, and transformation. And in this Article, I'm going to share with you the three key things that you need to know about it. And in this video, I'm excited to share three main keys and themes and things you need to know about the new moon solstice solar eclipse happening on June 20th. Or 21st, depending on your timezone and where in the world you are. So diving right in with number one is that this date, this galactic level event is a major zero point reset and trajectory change a timeline node of change and infinite possibility for humanity, for the earth, for the collective consciousness. And for us as individuals. So eclipse energies always bring about faded changes and what's happening now is changes that are destined for humanity to undergo are beginning to unfold. This period of change and transformations heightened for the next six months, but then is really going to play out over the cour