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Ten Steps to get your First Thousand Subscribers in 2020 on YouTube

The number one question I get and it's been the number one question or inquiry that I have gotten for years is how do I grow on YouTube Channel? How do I launch a channel? how do I get to a hundred subs?  How do I get to a thousand subs?  What am I doing wrong? Why can't I grow?  Is YouTube against me?  Is it pure luck to blow up on YouTube?  These are the type of questions that I get tweeted at and in the comment section and in my email all of the time so I thought I would put together an article to help you guys how to get started on your YouTube path. If this is something that you have decided to do and know there is no special formula in here that you're going to shoot up and have T-Series and PewDiePie numbers but I am going to give you some insight some steps and some thoughts that maybe some of these other videos that have done this didn't quite touch on and as we get started in the comments section let me know what your channel is all about as this video