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Android vs IOS in depth-comparison, End of the war!!! Why android is better than IOS?

 If you are going to buy new smartphone Then the chances of buying android  or IOS will be high, But the chances of buying android phone would be higher than rest, Because, android is currently ruling the Operating system industry. Currently, World's 72% mobile devices are running on the Android operating system. Whereas, Rest of 28% Devices are running on the IOS, Samsung, KaiOs,unknown and windows etc. Similarly, Today, we will do a small comparison Between, World's two biggest  smartphone operating systems that are Android and IOS. We will see that Why android is better than IOS But before starting this video, i would like to show you something Just 20% of our  viewers have subscribed our blog and rest of 80% did not subscribe So if you are reading this blog and think that i should upload more Articles on the related Topics Then please subscribe our blog:) Please read till end Because, all points are linked with each other If you skipped one of the point then you could not