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Rhea Chakraborty involved in Sushant Singh Rajput murder: Shekhar Suman questions probe

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I never said Murder/ Suicide, No, it is murder, it is I said she is a culprit in her own way what she was doing, she had her own agenda and maybe she is involved with a mastermind, who knows I mean that's why we are asking for a CBI inquiry she comes after 30 days and ask for CBI inquiry does a vault fast completely a U turn and I don't want it , so you can see how desperately they are trying to save themselves from the noose people finally showed upon a photograph and discovered that it look like clear cut case of murder.

Like the entire story started from there so we are really thankful to person who send it to us otherwise it would be one of those murders which was passed off suicide the mark was very suspicious because it was very symmetrical mark which formed 'O' which normally when someone hangs himself/herself the mark goes up from neck up above just probably taking mid of chin and all of that also his face was not distorded it seemed like he was drugged and probably then killed.


Post Sushant Singh Rajput's death on June 14 a lot of celebrities remain tight lip about the entire incident but there was Shekhar Suman rallying and fighting for justice for Sushant today is a big day because CBI probe is going to happen and we Shekhar sir joining us for conversation only on PINKVILLA hello Shekhar sir how have you been I'm good,yes I'm rejoicing there is no words to express my happiness and I think that goes for everyone else who were fighting this case we were waiting endlessly for this date to happen and it has today.

Today is a very blessed day two of the most significant thing of country has happened one the Ram Mandir foundation stone has been finally laid after a wait of 500 years and after 50 days of waiting on Sushant's case where we were pressing on for CBI enquiry that has finally happened so we just eternally thankful to god.

 I think it was god's wish but I want to know that the probe has been happening for last 50 days what actually made you think from very beginning that there was some kind of suspicious behavior around Sushant's and the whole just everything just right from point A to point Z, where ever we travel we could see right from the beginning that the narrative was set for a suicide theory we need to be very thankful to the cop who was there who illegally send out pictures of Sushant Singh Rajput

I think the entire episode the entire story eminnated from there are people finally closed upon photograph and disclose that it looked like a clear cut case of murder I mean the entire story started from there so we are really thankful to person who send the picture to us because otherwise it would be one of those murders which was pass as a suicide this was a very obvious attempt too pass of murder as suicide which was happened even in the past and god knows how many people have been murdered and they have been passed off like a suicide but this time it says that probably get away few murders or few crimes but you cannot get away with this time.

What is that one point that triggered it to you or made you feel like there is it was the mark on his neck it was a mark on his neck and absence of a suicide note see the kind of person Sushant was he would have definately left a suicide note that he didn't I mean he was a prolophic writer, he use to maintain a dairy of course why won't he exgenerate people close to him why would he put their life in danger or their future by not writing a suicide note because everyone would come under suspision so that just let me to believe that this looks like a murder and then the mark.


The mark was very suspicious because it was a very symmetrical mark which formed an O and normally when someone hangs himself/ herself the mark goes up from the neck above probably taking mid of chin close to the ear and all of that his face was not distorded he seemed like he was drugged and probably then killed not even a single picture of him hanging not a single picture even till date you haven't seem him hanging you haven't seen his body hanging so what is the reality hanging there, he was probably murdered and left on a bed and about the locksmith coming mysteriously coming from somewhere CCTV photage missing the fact that he was partying.

I think there were different verses that started coming out I mean towards the end day before we heard that 3 people claiming that they got the body down the ambulance driver says I brought is down, the ambulance owner says police got it down I cut the clot so it was very evident that these were all sorty players there were glaring inconsistensies in the statements that Sidhart Pithani yes you are just so right and then you know it's like when you go to hide one lie you end up saying more lies that you you tend to hide one thing turn 10 to reveal unknowing so many things they probably not perfect murders , not absolute professional so they have too many trails behind and then I could be wrong you could be wrong someone else could be wrong millions of Sushant's fan cannot be wrong all of them gathered on social media and they were playing investigation sort of foreginc expert.

They did their own investigation they came to their own conclusion looking at every minute detail eventually what came out was far more shocking because right from day one I was saying Disha;s death and Sushant's death are somehow interconnected it cannot be co incident I meant it can be but it doesn't seem like co incident there were actually four people including Sushant who died within a span of one month so it was like very scary it was straight out of pot boiler like a triller film and as days passed by as the noise and the protest became louder I think they just started more mistakes and there were more people who came to four front people who were close to them earlier for some reasons best known to them  had not come forward.

And then they came and blutted out a lot of details that were not earlier available , so these informations were very crucial so now it seems absolutely clear that it was a murder and right from day one I have been insisting it's murder I have never ever my mind has warned and thought it could be suicide I never said Murder/suicide , No, it is murder, it is you have always called for the CBI probe but I also want to ask you that with the FIR nad the allegations that leveled against Rhea Chakraborty, what is your opinion on that what do you think

Because few days a go you said that she is just a scape goat and there are lot of other people who are behind it so what do you have to say I'm not exonarrating her I said she is a culprit in her own way what she was doing, she had her own agenda and maybe she is involved with a master mind, who knows that's why we are asking for CBI for the facts to come out so she is part of the game she is part of the script, it's not that she is away from that but she could be a smaller fish but she could be a smaller criminal with small time crimes and stuff like that there can be a bigger minds and the fact that Mumbai Police after 50 days still not louged the FIR quarantine an IPS officer and before that there were 4 police man that come roaming around got free so they were just bungling up they washed it up they didn't they actually had no idea that it would be blown off.

They were not prepared for it so it was like suddenly on their face they didn't know where to go if they had any knowledge they would have been prepared they would have safe guarded them selves but it came so soon it was almost like tsunami that hit them also sir there has been financial angle in that whole thing his family has alleged that lot of money due of 15-17 crores has been taken away from Sushant's account do you think that also has to be play out in whole picture

Yes of course everything is interlink  you probably one end to solve the entire puzzle just getting one right lead and financial embacine is part of it all of this part of is as I said this girl who was planted as moul or fobbing him off dueing him of his money who knows what the plan  or this was just one of the smaller plans on the side the bigger plan was to bump him off you don't know what was actually happening , it's like a jigsaw puzzle once CBI gets into this you will have to join the dots togather and the correct picture would emerg them A month after Susdhant's death.

 I think Rhea Chakraborty was one of the first to come out and say that I'm Sushant's Singh Rajput's girlfriend I want a CBI probe today her lawyer and she are completely against about the idea of CBI probe but it's happening what do you have to say about her changer in her statement and her stunts on whole issue just to show that they are so guilty, they don't even know which chance to take I mean someone was insisting on CBI inquiry first of all being his girlfriend why was she silent for 30 days or 40 days why, what was keeping her away from asking for CBI inquiry I mean any girl in her place she would be first one to come out and say my boyfriend has been killed.

And I need CBI inquiry she comes after 30 days and ask for CBI inquiry does a vault fast completely a U turn and now I don't want it so you can see how desperately they are trying to save themselves from the noose they probably think we made a wrong move we must make a U turn we must say this or the lawyers are ill advising them they are ill informed they are not to show what to do so that all of that is making them suspect this was so strange that somebody who was like yesterday insistant on CBI inquiry today says I don't want it come on you are an accused it's strange that an accused is actually deciding that whether CBI inquiry should be done or not.

Also that the CBI prob is going to happenthere are lot of like glaring questions like like you said there are millions of fans wanting justice and they have raised lot of question on social media which we keep reading some of them also point the fact that Sidhart Pithani open the door and send the locksmith home nobody saw him hanging expect one's who were there like you pointed piut Rhea Chakraborty was called she was there at at the place that it happened she vacced the flat exactly before Disha's death Disha's death is interlink to Sushant's death.

There are question where he was apprently feeling very devasteted and was fearful after Disha's death which is not been revealed yet what are points that you think that CBI should be inquiring on at this point all the things that you said we talk about it inumerable times now all the things, points and the facts all the circumtances evidence that we talk about right from the locksmith nobody seen the locksmith where did he come from, where did he vanish that is also the question people have asked the door was open whether he opened the door sometimes he said we won't don't know what the truth is like cook questionned why was the bodyguard the physical trainner all the funny names that are coming up everyday new stranger names that are getting familiar with now all the people close to him should have been questioned in first place.

And all those people come within the orbit of suspision and CBI should take charge of everything and all the thing Arnab has been asking they have been on social media I have been asking everyone they are well informed CBI would be well informed before they embard on this Mumbai Police was also given 3 days times for all the facts they must be reading the newspaper looking at all the facts they have emerged till now too much now to delt into so they will start with good note lastly before leaving I want to ask you that because I should and I must when you started off and till the time now there have also been lot of critics who have said some people.

And they have also called you as one who have been politicizing entire death family had raised an objection when you are fighting for Sushant in beginning when they have not called for CBI prob what do you have to say to them the truth is out what do you have to say I don't have to say anything the truth speaks itself I don't have to justify everything you can see everything I was the first one who started this and I went to Patna I wanted to share his fathers grief I went there to gather political support for moment I started tagging hashtag justice for Sushnat and Tesajvi came Nitesh Ji couldn't meet me, I came here I met the governor how is it politicisation it is a political support now that political support that we are moving ahead of course there is political support from political party but how would I politizise it I was just mustering up support from where ever I could get I was alone in that battle it seemed then I was looking at they say drowing man catching at the shore whether I should be into this because nobody was coming up nobody from film industry nobody from outside.

 I just few fans with me and they grew in large numbers it was absolutely idiotic to say I was politicizing you know I went to Patna and I came back next day so I had asked for press conference , Tejasvi had asked for Press conference where specifically we had said beginning it, that this is a non political meeting and we are here only to gather support for the forum that it so it is absolutely foolish to say anything it's like those people I won't do anything and I won't allow anyone to do but the truth is out so I don't have to say anything they have seen how the whole moment became bigger and our only focus was to get CBI inquiry which has happened.

So thank you I hope the moment which gained so much momentum thanks to you and all the fans of Sushant and the family member of Sushant who have been grieving and fighting for justice I hope they find justice soon because of course he deserves it yes there was like 34 year old who had achieved everything on shier of his talent and merit who was rearing to go who was wanting to touch the moon touch the skies he is just no more it just brings tears to my eyes everytime look at his photograph and I see him just playing out and doing his exercises he is talking to everybody his social interactions I am overwhelmed I can't bear to look at him and expect the fact that he is no more but god is grate, though he is gone, his spirit stays with all of us and going to be huge inspiration for all of us and probably going to be level playing game in the industry and change humanity and human behavior forever thank you so much the Sushant I knew was always somebody who loved with heart sure now he is gotten love from everybody and this should have come out I am happy this is coming out and truth is out.


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