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50 Dreams of Sushant Singh Rajput

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Bollywood entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput ended it all at 34 years old leaving the entire country in stun. In the midst of tributes and sympathy, his can rundown of 50 wishes has turned into a web sensation on social media.The list went from Iron Man marathon to assist ladies with preparing in self-preservation, his considerable rundown is leaving numerous eyes mournful. Out of the 50 wishes, the Dil Bechara entertainer had satisfied 12 wishes.

A rundown of 50 'dreams' entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput needed to satisfy in his life is becoming famous online. The on-screen character was discovered dead at his 6th floor condo in Bandra (West). While the police have affirmed that he has kicked the bucket by self destruction, no 'note' was found from his living arrangement.

In September 2019, Sushant had shared a progression of Instagram posts of manually written notes posting his 50 dreams. From figuring out how to fly a plane, playing a cricket coordinate left-gave, going through Europe via train and sending 100 children for workshops in ISRO/NASA, the on-screen character's rundown was a mix of individual objectives and a sign of his giving nature.

Check out the tweets here:
My 50 DREAMS & counting…! 😉
♦ Learn How to Fly a Plane

♦ Train for Iron Man triathlon

♦ Learn Morse Code

♦ Help Kids Learn About Space

♦ Play Tennis With a Champion

♦ Do Four Clap Push-up

♦ Chart trajectories of Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn for a week

♦ Dive in a Blue-hole

♦ Perform the Double-Slit experiment

♦ Plant 1000 Trees

♦ Spend an evening in my Delhi College of Engineering hostel

♦ Send Kids for workshops in ISRO/ NASA

♦ Meditate in Kailash

♦ Play Poker with a Champ

♦ Write a Book

♦ Visit CERN

♦ Paint aurora borealis

♦ Attend another NASA workshop

♦ 6 pack abs in 6 months

♦ Swim in Cenotes

♦ Teach Coding to visually impaired

♦ Spend a Week in a Jungle

♦ Understand Vedic Astrology

♦ Disneyland

♦ Visit Ligo

♦ Raise a horse

♦ Learn at least 10 Dance forms

♦ Work for Free Education

♦ Explore Andromeda with a Powerful Telescope

♦ Learn KRIYA Yoga

♦ Visit Antarctica 🇦🇶

    Help train Women in Self-defense 🥋

♦ Shoot an Active Volcano

♦ Learn How to Farm

♦ Teach dance to kids

♦ Be an Ambidextrous Archer Finish reading the entire Resnick – Halliday physics book

♦ Understand Polynesian astronomy

♦ Learn Guitar  Chords of my fav. 50 songs

♦ Play Chess with a Champion

♦ Own a Lamborghini

♦ Visit St.Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

♦ Perform experiments of Cymatics

♦ Help prepare students for Indian Defence Forces

♦ Make a documentary on Swami Vivekananda

♦ Learn to Surf

♦ Work in AI & exponential technologies

♦ Learn Capoeira

♦ Travel through Europe by train

Sushant's group shared a message for his fans: "It torments us to share that Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer with us. We demand his fans to keep him in their contemplations and commend his life, and his work like they have done as such far. We demand media to assist us with keeping up protection during this snapshot of misery." "Sushant Singh Rajput has ended it all, Mumbai Police is examining," DCP Pranay Ashok, representative Mumbai Police said.


  1. Learn coding
    Learn film production

  2. Travel across the world
    Curious to know about stars and universe
    Astrology fascinates me


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