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Heritage Sites of the World are in Danger

  Almost 100 years ago, the government of Canada created the Wood Buffalo National Park. The Park is a large, natural, protected area. There are large forests filled with northern trees. The ground is flat and rocky, and water collects in small streams, rivers and small, swampy lakes. This is the world’s largest inland freshwater delta - a wetland environment found at the mouth of two rivers. The forests and wetland create a home for many special animals. The Park gets its name from one of these animals:the Wood Buffalo, or Wood Bison. Bison are very large, brown animals. They eat grass. In the past, many bison lived in North America. But today, bison are endangered. There are very few of them left. About 5,000 bison live in the park. The Park is also the only nesting place for whooping cranes, an endangered bird. This beautiful place protects a very special environment. But it also faces big challenges. Today’s Spotlight is on protecting special places like the Wood Buffalo National P

Top 10 Romantic Places In The World

Top 10 Romantic Places In The World. Romantic getaways are associated with candlelit dinners, walking hand-in-hand along the seashore, and pampering accommodations. When you are in love, you are craving to share it with the world. Regardless of whether you like to yell about your affection from the head of a mountain or while swimming submerged, the world has numerous sentimental spots where you can respect your perfect partner. For the sake of adoration, here we have recorded a bunch of sentimental spots where you can appreciate and gain durable experiences with your uncommon somebody. 1: Paris, France. You can never discover another city on the planet like Paris. Coming to Paris for the absolute first time will cause you to understand that nothing readied you for the immortal magnificence of the city. The place has a unique spirit that charms you and will be forever in your heart and mind. Paris is the city of lights, gastronomy & Good wine, the city of love, long walks, a

What is the dispute between China and India all about?

On June 15, China and India’s military troops clashed in hand-to-hand combat along a disputed border in the Himalayan mountains,resulting in deaths from both sides. This was the deadliest confrontation between India and China along that border in 45 years, marking a dangerous escalation between the two nuclear powers. In the 1950s, a term was used to describe the relationship between India and China: “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”, which means “India and China are brothers.” However, that was the exception rather than the norm, with a deep-seated mistrust on both sides still felt today. Two years after India’s independence in 1947, the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. Despite attempts to establish a cordial relationship,such as the India-China Friendship Association, cracks were already appearing in their bilateral relations. For one, China never accepted a border drafted by the British in 1914 demarcating the frontier between Tibet and British India, also known as the McMahon

50 Dreams of Sushant Singh Rajput

                                                                           Image Source : TWITTER/@MAYHEMPSINGH                                                                     Bollywood entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput ended it all at 34 years old leaving the entire country in stun. In the midst of tributes and sympathy, his can rundown of 50 wishes has turned into a web sensation on social media.The list went from Iron Man marathon to assist ladies with preparing in self-preservation, his considerable rundown is leaving numerous eyes mournful. Out of the 50 wishes, the Dil Bechara entertainer had satisfied 12 wishes. A rundown of 50 'dreams' entertainer Sushant Singh Rajput needed to satisfy in his life is becoming famous online. The on-screen character was discovered dead at his 6th floor condo in Bandra (West). While the police have affirmed that he has kicked the bucket by self destruction, no 'note' was found from his living arrangement. In September 2019, Sus