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How to Use Captions on Youtube | Creating Subtitles and Closed Captions On Your Youtube Videos

Hello friends how are you all i hope you all are very well I welcome all of you? So today's video is very important for you. Because in today's video I'm going to talk. Yes, I am talking about closed captions or subtitles. If you didn't listen What are closed captions or subtitles? So let me tell you Whenever you are watching an English movie or another language movie.

Then you must have seen Comes down by writing something in it. Now let's talk What is the benefit of closed captions or subtitles? So friends if your video has closed captions. Or subtitles So its first advantage is that If someone is watching your video And let's say there is a lot of noise atmosphere. And if your voice is not clear to him. Then he can understand your point by reading your closed captions or subtitles. With this, your video will be ranked quite well.

And the other big advantage is that This gives you a much larger audience. And there is a foreigner who does not know Hindi. Or suppose there are many such people in our country. Those who do not know Hindi and they are watching your video. So he will be able to understand your point very well by reading your captions or subtitles. They rank the Google search engine quite high. So because of these closed captions So the search engines are able to understand our videos very well.

And rank it So these are the three biggest advantages. Applying closed captions or subtitles So in today's video I am going to tell you that. How to put closed captions or subtitles in your video? So let's go to our computer So friends, we have arrived at our computer. First of all, you have to sign in on your YouTube. But before that, I show you that What are closed captions or subtitled? Like here you can see CC written is coming. This means the closed captions are all titled in this video. The subtitles or closed captions will be visible to us.

So, if you do not have any voice in this video. What is the speaker trying to tell in the video? So subtitles benefit from this Now I am going to tell you. How to put subtitles or closed captions in our videos? So for this, you have to first login to your YouTube and In Creator Studio you will see videos like this. Now if we put subtitles or closed captions on this video.So how shall we do it So you see an arrow with this edit button?

You will go to options and One of the options is subtitles CC. As you can see here a window has been opened. As soon as this window opens So you see Add New subtitles or CC in the side. 190 other languages Mean that You can write closed captions in 190 languages. You can see There are many options to create subtitled or close captions, eg. The first option is upload file If we click here So you can see that Like it is coming by writing upload a text transcription.

If you have already created a subtitles file. As soon as you upload YouTube will synchronize your video accordingly. But friends if your video is in the English language. An option has also been given here for the Hindi language. Below is the option Create a new subtitle for CC. Here you manually In Hindi or in any language. you Can create all the titles here If your video is in the English language So here we get many more options.

Upload file The second is transcribed and auto synchronizes Because our video is in the Hindi language, we will have to manually create subtitles. So for that, we have to click on Create a new subtitle. As soon as we click on Create a new subtitled or CC. Here you manually In Hindi or in any language.

You Can create all the titles here If your video is in English language So here we get many more options. Upload file The second is transcribe and auto synchronize Because our video is in Hindi language, we will have to manually create subtitles. So for that we have to click on Create a new subtitle. As soon as we click on Create a new subtitled or CC. So here the window will open in this way. You have to play it As soon as you play And whatever we are talking about in it. You have to type it here Here, let me write anything, say hello.

As I know I am speaking in Hindi but you can also write it by translating it into English. Suppose your video is in Hindi, you have explained it in Hindi. So its biggest advantage will be If someone who does not know Hindi will also understand your point very well. Like I typed here, now you will play and see. Now Can create all subtitles Whatever you said in the video. You Can write it here You can also write in Hindi and you can write in any language.

Now click on Publish But typing subtitles manually is a lot of hard work. Friends closed captions and subtitles are very important for our videos. That every video of us must have subtitled close captions. So in today's video, how did you like this today's video, tell us by commenting in the comment box. Thanks for watching please subscribe like share and press bell icon button thank you.


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